Peter Dufresne Jr.

Executive Vice President, EPT

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Working through COVID-19.
EPT is here to help.

In these uncertain times, we want to provide assurance to our user and global partners that as an essential business we are here and working hard to meet your requirements. We share with you a message of hope and positivity that we will get through this together.

Your friends at EPT.


Current Newsletter Topics:

  1. Complimentary Expert Oil Analysis for GT and ST Lube Oil and EHC
  2. Complimentary Training Courses on Lubricant Fundamentals and Masterclasses on Turbine Lubricant Varnish, EHC Varnish and Steam Turbine Demulsibility Restoration
  3. Rental Filtration Equipment – Turnkey and Ready to Ship

Out of surface sanitizer?

No problem,
here’s how to make it.

One of the benefits of working with chemists is they know how to make disinfectants! For localized cleaning of surfaces, 80% isopropyl alcohol with 20% water. For more extensive sanitation, 6% bleach made from 12% bleach diluted 50% with water.

Complimentary Oil Analysis

Our lab is your lab. We operate one of the best lubricant testing labs out there, staffed by certified chemists. We are pleased to offer complimentary testing of your lubricants or expert interpretation of your existing lab results (some conditions apply).

For information please visit

Complimentary Training Courses

Attend our FREE, live webinars on Machinery Lubrication Fundamentals, and masterclasses on Lube Oil Varnish, EHC Fluid Varnish and Demulsibility Restoration in steam turbines running every Tuesday and Thursday starting April 14. 

Eventually, we will be on the other side of COVID-19. Business will be brisk and there won’t be enough hours in the day to catch up. Get essential training now to hit the ground running, prioritize upcoming requirements and learn how to leverage your maintenance budget. Customized classes for groups are also available upon request where we can deal with site-specific requirements. 

For a list of classes and to join the webinars see\training.

EPT is proud to have donated 10,000 pairs of gloves to the fire department in Cremona, Alberta. Please help our first responders how ever you can!

Rental Filtration Equipment – Turnkey and Ready to Ship

Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to work and have your lube oils in top shape for summer? SVR™ is the gold standard in turbine lube oil maintenance and is engineered for unattended operation. It can be easily hooked up to your drain line and discharged back into the oil tank, which is cycled once per day. Just install, forget and reap the rewards come summer when demand will be at the maximum. We have several rental units available that come complete with hose kits, fittings and are preloaded with filters.
To learn more visit