Oil Analysis and Testing 101

Understanding your in-service oil’s condition and remaining lifetime with oil analysis and testing is essential to establishing alignment with future maintenance windows and proactive strategies for optimization. At EPT Clean Oil, we specialize

Phosphate Ester Fluid 101

Despite the excellent lubricating and safety properties of a phosphate ester fluid, outdated or incomplete Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) fluid maintenance is a common problem in the power generation industry that is costing 100s

Demulsibility 101

Steam turbines are responsible for up to 80% of global electricity production. Because steam powers these units, water ingression into steam turbine oils is a common concern. As the saying goes: “Oil and

Change Intervals for ICB Filters Explained

Extend Lubricant Life with Proven Lubricant Chemistry Management Patented ICB® Ion-exchange Filters target fluid chemistry, removing varnish molecules and restoring lubricant solvency. This engineered workhorse, like anything else, exhausts with time. To maintain your