You Can’t Manage What You’re Blind To

Life and Death for Lubricants Lubricants don’t die suddenly. In fact, they usually only die after relatively long periods of neglect. The challenge is that few oil-related problems arise in the first half

The Impact of Varnish on Bearings 101

The role of bearings in turbomachinery is critical as it supports the entire shaft load in various types of turbines. Proper bearing lubrication is vital to the operational integrity of a turbine, helping

Lubricant Chemistry Management

Dating back to the inception of EPT Clean Oil in 1994, Peter Dufresne has hit the ground running focused on one thing: Lubricant Chemistry Management. If you are in a room with him

Oil Analysis and Testing 101

Understanding your in-service oil’s condition and remaining lifetime with oil analysis and testing is essential to establishing alignment with future maintenance windows and proactive strategies for optimization. At EPT Clean Oil, we specialize

Phosphate Ester Fluid 101

Despite the excellent lubricating and safety properties of a phosphate ester fluid, outdated or incomplete Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) fluid maintenance is a common problem in the power generation industry that is costing 100s