The Heart of Production

The Heart of Production Join us as we showcase EPT Clean Oil™’s “heart” of production! Our hard-working Operations Team takes the utmost care and pride in producing industry-leading turbine and compressor Lubricant Chemistry

Aeroderivative Turbine Oil Maintenance 101

Jet lube applications exclusively utilize aeroderivative turbine oil, formulated using high-quality polyol ester base stocks. This oil is preferred due to its exceptional oxidative stability and unique viscosity requirements. Upon deployment, aeroderivative turbine

Lubricant Maintenance Program Route Planning

Next Stop: Leveraging Oil Analysis Data to Determine Maintenance Priorities In part two of our Lubricant Maintenance and Testing series Lubricant Maintenance Program Route Planning, we explore how to leverage oil analysis program

The Life of an Oil Sample

The Life of an Oil Sample Meet the beating heart behind the science at EPT Clean Oil’s Fluid Technical Center. Follow our team as they welcome you on the journey of the ‘Life

You Can’t Manage What You’re Blind To

Life and Death for Lubricants Lubricants don’t die suddenly. In fact, they usually only die after relatively long periods of neglect. The challenge is that few oil-related problems arise in the first half

The Impact of Varnish on Bearings 101

The role of bearings in turbomachinery is critical as it supports the entire shaft load in various types of turbines. Proper bearing lubrication is vital to the operational integrity of a turbine, helping