Phosphate Ester FRF Users

Current Guidance and Best Practices Webinar Electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems regulate the flow of steam into and output from steam turbine generators. These critical systems employ phosphate ester-based fluids as a result of

Gas Turbine Lubricant Maintenance

Proactive maintenance for critical turbo machinery Presented June 17, 2021 during the RATS Technical Sessions Webinar Series, Peter Dufresne discussed active management and maintenance of gas turbine lubricants and the delivered impact on

Why Varnish Removal Fails

The Soluble-Insoluble Turbine Lubricant Varnish Equilibrium Turbine lubricant varnish is produced by breakdown of hydrocarbon lubricants. Its deleterious impact on equipment performance and reliability is well-documented. Varnish has traditionally been defined as an