Run-to-Profit with Proactive Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

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Sean Dufresne

It happened. Your lubricant hit a critical state, far exceeding recommended contamination levels. The only option at this critical juncture is to down-rate your critical rotating equipment, flush the system and replace the lubricant. It may be too soon, but this could have been avoided through proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance focused on increasing uptime.

If the rebuttal you are about to use sounds like this, ‘but I don’t have a budget for this kind of stuff’, the response to prepare yourself for is ‘but did you have a budget for the failure, flushing and lubricant replacement you just incurred as well as the profit loss due system down-rating?’ Newton’s third law taught us all for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A decision to run-to-fail despite availability and affordability of proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance, increases the risk threshold of not achieving uptime goals, cost management and overall profitability.

Let’s try something new. Your system has been drained, flushed, cleaned and filled. The lubricant has been certified clean to the ISO codes as outlined by the OEM. Now is not the time to let history repeat itself. Proactively manage the investment you just made, and look to the future with a fresh perspective to run-to-profit. Focus on reliability, generating capacity and optimized production capability. Invest in predictability, and shift your attention to increasing revenue and maximizing profits.

Step One:

Submit monthly samples to EPT Clean Oil’s Fluid Technical Center for testing and monitoring. We will monitor against the final flushing report baseline and ensure fluid quality remains in specification. To show our commitment, the first three months after a flush is on us. We will test to ASTM standards required for warranty purposes and also to satisfy any insurance company documentation requirements.

Step Two:

A highly predictable managed state, is the best state. Inline with monthly reporting, fluid chemistry needs to be managed. From the first day a lubricant is put into service it begins to breakdown, a result of oxidation. Skid mounted lubricant conditioning system, SVR™, proactively manages the fluid chemistry and contamination levels.

If the word budget is holding you back, EPT Clean Oil offers Long Term Service Agreements to ensure you have access to the predictability you need at a managed fixed monthly cost.

proactive lubricant maintenance

Step Three:

Don’t dismiss the importance of topping up fluids annually by 5% to maintain additive levels. In partnership with proactive lubricant conditioning and lubricant chemistry management there is no oxidation material in the system to react with the additive in the top up, allowing you to get the maximum benefit out of the additive available.

The best way to deal with varnish is to never have to. Invest in proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance and run-to-profit with 100% uptime.