Industry-leading lubricant conditioning system engineered to permanently remove dissolved breakdown products

Prevent Varnish Deposits
From Ever Forming

SVR™ is the first of its kind engineered lubricant conditioning system to target the underlying cause of failure. Through full-time treatment, SVR goes beyond contamination removal, operating when the varnish is dissolved in the oil. Installed in a kidney loop format to the main reservoir, SVR permanently removes and prevents the accumulation of dissolved breakdown products – 100% of the time.

Utilizing ICB™ filters, SVR is hyper-focused on eliminating the root cause of lubricant related mechanical failure; dissolved oxidation material. By removing and preventing oxidation material accumulation, lubricant breakdown and additive consumption rates generally decrease, extending lubricant life, and offering protection against common equipment-related failures.

Achieve seamless synergy between industrial lubricants and motion intensive equipment

As the gold standard in turbine lube oil and phosphate ester fluid maintenance, SVR is an engineer approved system designed to facilitate rapid approval and deployment. Just install, forget, and reap the following rewards:

  • Quickly reduce and prevent servo valves from sticking
  • Restore normal MPC varnish potential and acid number (TAN/AN)
  • Restore demulsibility values
  • Protect against solid and dissolved varnish
  • Significantly improve fluid resistivity
  • Significantly reduce solid contamination

SVR works all the time, including operating conditions when varnish is dissolved in the oil, eliminating the varnish formation cycle that typically occurs when the oil cools during turbine shut down. Transform the way industrial lubricants are used and maintained with SVR.

Did you know that only varnish removal technologies that remove the dissolved oxidation products and return the oil to an unsaturated state can actually prevent varnish?

Transforming Lubricants While They Work

SVR goes beyond solid contamination removal and destroys the root cause of lubricant failure; dissolved oxidation material. This system is ideal for cleaning and maintaining a variety of fluids:

Phosphate Ester Fluids

Operating outside of critical phosphate ester fluid parameters increases the rate of servo valve failure and fluid breakdown by up to 10x. SVR for phosphate ester fluid provides 200% – 400% more filtration capacity than most OEM systems, and provides the proper rate of filtration, maintaining optimal conditions in phosphate ester fluid reservoirs. Combined with the optional TMR™ N2 water removal system will provide ideal phosphate ester fluid quality, significantly increasing servo valve and EHC system reliability.

Gas Turbine Lube Oils

SVR continuously removes and prevents accumulation of dissolved breakdown products during normal gas turbine operation, so that lubricant varnish cannot accumulate and form – period. Unlike particulate removal based technologies that must wait for varnish to fall out of solution to work, the SVR system removes contamination during normal equipment operation when the varnish is dissolved, preventing harmful varnish deposits from ever forming.

Steam Turbine Lube Oils

Steam turbine lubricants are typically maintained with particulate filters and coalescing systems that are used to remove water. Coalescing systems work well to remove free water, but have challenges when demulsibility values start to deteriorate and emulsions form as a result of oxidation material. SVR utilizes ICB™ filters to remove the oxidation material, breaking the emulsion, restoring normal demulsibility values and MPC varnish potential values, and reducing Acid Number.