Caution: All Ion Exchange Filters are NOT Created Equal

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All ion-exchange technology is not created equal

In our lives, we often fall prey to generalization. A great example, coffee is coffee. Coffee beans all look the same when roasted. The appearance in your cup is the same when brewed. Coffee is all the same. Hold on a minute. Did you know that there are actually dozens of different coffee bean varieties? The difference between each one is significant, and it’s helpful to understand when choosing your cuppa Joe.

Generalizations are a result of assumptions and what do we know about assumptions? They make an ______  of “U” and “ME”. I will leave that blank for you to fill in on your own.

Let’s shed the lens of generalization and adopt the lens of complete and transparent understanding. Let’s learn the facts and use the facts to make effective filtration decisions.

Fact #1: Ion-exchange is defined by Merriam-Webster as ‘a reversible interchange’ that is ‘used especially for softening or demineralizing water, the purification of chemicals, or the separation of substances.’

Fact #2: Standard ion-exchange filters and ICB® ion-exchange filters share nothing in common other than the above-listed noun, ion-exchange, and subsequent definition.

Fact #3: ICB® is a patented ion-exchange resin technology, engineered specifically for lubricant applications to provide superior acid-scavenging capacity (3x more acid removal capacity) and varnish- removal that other ion-exchange resins cannot – period.  

Fact #4: ICB® is the only ion-exchange resin technology that removes varnish in phosphate ester systems.

Fact #5: ICB® acts like a bulletproof vest for your machine, offering a sacrificial surface that gets between the oxidation in your system and its critical mechanical surfaces.

To be a matter of fact, ICB® punches above the ion-exchange weight class, offering best-in-class chemistry and unmatched results for your critical equipment time and time again.

In summary, avoid generalizations. Just as every coffee is not created equal, every ion-exchange resin technology is not created equal. Learn the facts and use the data to drive decisions.