EPT’s Flushing Division has
completed 100s of gas turbines.


100% on-time completion
(days not weeks) and on budget.

High Velocity Flushing

Expect More From Your High Velocity Flushing Provider

Experience and Professionalism

Communication and Reporting

CleanOil has carefully established our reputation in this important service. We will exceed your requirements with a professional, knowledgeable staff that embraces safety. EPT is a member of ASTM’s turbine oil committee and we are corporate members of STLE.

Real Time Oil Analysis

EPT - Oil Analysis

CleanOil’s flushing program provides real-time reporting through on-site lab analysis performed by professional chemists. This enables us to verify oil quality and demonstrate performance throughout the flushing process. CleanOil’s testing equipment comes with certificates of calibration, and we follow ISO and ASTM test methods.

Best-In-Class Equipment and Filtration Technology

Flushing Equipment

Our flushing equipment has been engineered based on 20 years of flushing experience enabling us to provide our customers with performance and completion times that are unmatched in the industry.

Communication and Reporting

EPT - Oil Analysis

A professional daily report communicated to all stakeholders is essential to determine the appropriate path forward. CleanOil’s comprehensive reporting will outline progress, results and document compliance with operational and safety protocol.

The EPT Experience

CleanOil’s flushing procedure puts safety and hazard assessment first. Our project management ensures that construction and commissioning supervisors receive daily communication and documentation to track project status and progress.

  1. Safety indoctrination by customer
  2. Formal hazard assessment
  3. Field level hazard assessment
  4. Pre-job meeting
  1. Daily safety meetings, project status and reporting
  2. On-site testing results from professional chemist
  3. Compliance reports
  4. Final report

For an overview of our industry-leading flushing program, please see our Flushing Services Brochure.