What to look for when selecting a flushing company

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Rotating and hydraulic equipment flushing service

The single largest risk factor in executing a successful flush is selecting an inexperienced flushing service company. Before you sign on the dotted line, it is critical that you understand the flushing procedures and equipment to be used, the Reynolds number that can be achieved with this equipment, and the experience and professionalism of the people you are relying on. What standards will the flushing company follow? Where was their equipment used last and has it since been flushed? What is this company’s safety record? Does the flushing company have a track record of finishing on time and on budget? Evaluating all of these questions will indicate whether you are using the right flushing company.

On-site testing with professional chemistry support is essential to provide progress for the construction and commissioning supervisors and to pinpoint issues very early in the flushing program. Oil testing equipment should always come with certificates of calibration and follow ISO and ASTM test methods.

A professional daily report communicated to all decision makers is essential to determine the appropriate path forward. This report will outline progress, results, and document compliance with operational and safety protocols.

For new turbine lubricant systems, the need for a separate flushing fluid is not always necessary. Depending on the flushing specifications, the operating fluid rather than a flushing or chemical agent can be used as the flushing fluid. An experienced flushing service company will be able to share expert tips such as this to save time and money and reduce environmental waste.