MPC Test Kits (ASTM D7843) for Varnish Potential Testing

When Results Matter

Lubricant varnish potential testing (Membrane Patch Colorimetry, MPC, ASTM D7843) is an essential part of turbine and compressor lubricant management. MPC testing identifies the propensity of a lubricant to form solid deposits so that maintenance professionals can avoid catastrophic failures.


MPC White Paper

While most customers are able to take advantage of our complimentary initial oil assessment or SVR™ system monitoring, remote sites may require on-site MPC testing or commercial oil labs may wish to add it to their existing oil analysis package. For this purpose, EPT’s MPC test kits comprise everything needed from a basic laboratory set up to a robust field kit designed for travel.

Read our MPC white paper to learn how you can get accurate and timely varnish potential testing.

MPC Varnish Potential Testing Video

All users of our test kits are supported by a world-class team of chemists that perform 100s of MPC tests each month. Need answers? You will have access to the experts that will provide SOPs, training videos, and calibration standards.

Key Features of EPT’s MPC Test Kits

  • High-quality, laboratory-grade equipment or stainless steel portable field kit
  • Includes all materials required to prepare the patch used for measuring MPC varnish potential
  • Simple to use, with step-by step instructions and video demonstration
  • Expert support from the EPT chemistry team who has completed 1000s of MPC tests

Our video provides an overview of the MPC test, and the equipment and accessories required to complete it.

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SVR™ System

Our soluble varnish removal (SVR™) system targets and eliminates the cause of varnish formation – oxidation breakdown products – even during turbine operation when they are dissolved in the lubricant.

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NSD™ Filters

Our Non-Spark Discharge (NSD™) filters suppress filter sparking by significantly reducing friction. This eliminates the related high-temperature fluid breakdown protecting antioxidants and base oil.

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MPC Test Kits

Our customers receive verification of results through our lab. For remote sites, we also offer Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test kits for on-site varnish potential testing.