A Make-up, Not a Break-up.

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Turbine Lubricant

Not to generalize, but I think it is safe to say most of us can relate – partnerships take work. It is a daily and conscious commitment demanding of your time and attention.

In the beginning this seems to come so naturally – the honeymoon phase. There is excitement, energy, collaboration and a happiness that feels ever-lasting.

Then it happens. The honeymoon phase ends and daily realities kick in. Excitement turns to compromise, energy to exhaustion and that feeling of happiness starts to look rather bleak.

The partnership hits a fork in the road. Turn left and break-up, or turn right and make-up. The choice is never easy, so which one do you choose?

This natural human experience is not spared on the inanimate. Let’s look at this from the lens of your turbine lubricant. Designed and manufactured to partner with your turbine, it’s purpose is to drive seamless mechanical operation day in and day out. Naturally, the honeymoon phase begins, both with a strong commitment to one another. And then, like in our own lives, time happens.

From the moment a lubricant is put into service, it begins to chemically breakdown – the result of oxidation. In the absence of dedicated support and in the presence of the daily demands from its partner, the turbine, oxidation material begins to build up.

If life has taught us nothing else, we know that bottled up demands that build up over time eventually find their way to the surface in an episodic moment of fury. The recovery from this moment is the choice. Left and break-up or right and make-up.  

A lubricant experiences much the same. Unable to hold the growing contamination any longer, the lubricant unleashes its fury, depositing varnish on the turbine’s mechanical surfaces. Here in lies the choice. Break-up, condemning the lubricant, or make-up, restoring the lubricant condition to the quality specification first introduced to the turbine?

Turn right and make-up. It’s not over. With the help of a dedicated ‘couples therapist’ lubricant condition can be restored.

Meet ICB®, a patented ion-exchange ‘therapist’ engineered to target the cause of their failing partnership; to remediate the contaminants and restore the qualities that makes this partnership work.

Mark the calendars for the 10 year anniversary celebration. These two are back in-sync, seamlessly rotating and operating once more.