ICB™ filters for acid and
dissolved contaminant removal.

SVR™ systems for lubricant
varnish removal and prevention.

TMR™ N2 water removal systems.

ECR™ Electrostatic systems for
sub-micron particulate removal.

NSD™ filters to prevent filter
sparking and maximize additive life.

MPC Test Kits for varnish potential testing.


Over the last 20 years, EPT has developed the world’s leading lubricant and fluid cleaning technologies that remove hidden contamination responsible for failures and lost production, and also protect lubricants against common failure pathways.

ICB™ Filters

Ion Charge Bonding (ICB™) filters were developed by EPT to remove the dissolved contamination products that accumulate in all lubricants and lubricating fluids. This ion exchange resin based technology was the first to be widely used, including a fleet of 100 turbine compressor packages. Over the past 20 years, EPT has invested millions of dollars in Research and Development to ensure that ICB™ filters offer the best available resin-based solution to lubricant users. This continuous improvement has resulted in ICB™ filters being used in over 1000 locations with over 100 million hours of operating experience. This experience and track record is unmatched in the industry and has firmly established ICB™ as the #1 choice for lubricant users of critical production equipment.

SVR™ Systems

Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR™) systems are the leading varnish removal solution on the market as they not only remove varnish but also remove its soluble precursors – the underlying cause of lubricant varnish. Unlike other systems, SVR™ works during normal equipment operation when the varnish is dissolved such that particulate removal based technologies do not work. SVR™ systems include two large ICB™ filters and one high-quality polishing filter that will significantly drop ISO particulate codes extending bearing and servo valve life. In over 400 locations, SVR™ systems are being used successfully with over 90% customer satisfaction.

TMR™ Systems

Total Moisture Removal (TMR™) products produce very high quality dry air or nitrogen (N2) from a normal compressed air source. The air or N2 is passed across the lubricant surface and vented out the breather element. TMR™ systems remove water and TMR™ N2 systems remove water, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and other waste gases that frequently accumulate in hydraulic fluids. TMR™ systems remove all water regardless of its form and are ideally suited in free breathing reservoirs that are not under vacuum. These systems are extremely effective and normally generate immediate payback.

ECR™ Systems

Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR™) systems use electrostatic forces to remove particulate matter that is too small to be removed by conventional filtration. Electrostatic forces are used to remove particulate contamination by mass (not by size); since all particulate has mass, particles smaller than 1 micron can be removed. ECR™ systems are a specialized product that should be used in precise conditions after ICB™ filters have first been used to remove dissolved impurities. The combination of ECR™ and ICB™ technology is powerful as it offers the ability to control both solid and dissolved contamination in any critical lubricating or hydraulic fluid.

NSD™ Filters

Non-Spark Discharge (NSD™) filters are specially engineered to eliminate the common issue of filter sparking that occurs in industrial gas turbines. Filter sparking is the consequence of static energy accumulation that occurs from excessive friction produced from standard oil filters. NSD filters use specialized materials and manufacturing techniques to significantly reduce friction. Unlike competing products, NSD filters do not compromise filter performance or add harmful chemical additives to change your lubricant chemistry. NSD filters are available in all sizes and micron ratings.

MPC Test Kits (ASTM D7843)

Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test kits comprise everything needed to perform MPC testing. From a basic laboratory set up to a robust field kit designed for travel, our MPC test kits will provide you with accurate and timely varnish potential testing. All users of our test kits are supported by a world-class team of chemists that perform 100s of MPC tests each month. Need answers? You will have access to the experts that will provide SOPs, training videos, and calibration standards.