Welcome to EPT Support

Please see the following contacts for your specific support requirements.

EPT - Barbara Creighton

Admin, Logistics

Barbara Creighton

Main: +1-403-450-1760 or +1-403-246-3044
Email: [email protected]

EPT - Peter Dufresne

Product and Application Support: ICB™, SVR™

Peter Dufresne

Direct: +1-403-450-1755
Cell: +1-403-389-4104
Email: [email protected]

EPT - Steve Boettcher

Product Support: ECR™, TMR™ N2

Steve Boettcher

Direct: +1-403-450-1761
Email: [email protected]

EPT - Sean Dufresne

High Velocity Flushing

Sean Dufresne

Direct: +1-403-637-2400
Cell: +1-403-519-1310
Email: [email protected]

EPT - Matt Hobbs

Oil Analysis

Matt Hobbs

Direct: +1-403-450-1764
Email: [email protected]