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EPT is focused on advancing the science of lubrication filtration technology.

We’ve specialized for 20 years in turbine applications where we have developed solutions that prevent lubricant deposits. We work with some of the largest turbine fleets in the world achieving unprecedented results and cost savings.

  • 1000 turbines worldwide
  • 50 million operating hours
  • $100 million proven cost savings

To see how our program can be used to advance results at your facility, send in an oil sample using our complimentary expert oil assessment form.

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Turbine Lubricant Varnish White Paper

Lubricant varnish production is a problem that will affect most rotating equipment at some point in its normal service lifetime, leading to production losses.

Varnish begins its life as a dissolved degradation product before converting to particulate form and depositing on metal surfaces. Most approaches in the market place do not address this root cause.

Learn more about the cause of lubricant varnishing and strategies to solve it by downloading our recent varnish white paper.

Guaranteed 4-Step Turbine Lubricant Varnish Program

As a starting point to EPT’s 4-step Varnish Program, we offer expert laboratory testing that includes a detailed report to outline your lubricant’s condition and demonstrate the impact of our SVR system technology in cleaning your lubricant sample.


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Product Spotlight

EPT - Oil Analysis

Clean and Restore

Our soluble varnish removal (SVR) system targets and eliminates the primary cause of varnish formation – dissolved oxidation breakdown products.

EPT - Oil Analysis


Our Non-Spark Discharge (NSD) filters suppress filter sparking by significantly reducing friction. This eliminates the related high-temperature fluid breakdown protecting antioxidants and base oil.

EPT - Oil Analysis

Results Verification

EPT customers receive verification of results through our lab. For remote sites, we also offer Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test kits for on-site varnish potential testing.