Expert Lubricant Analysis for
Critical Rotating Equipment and EHC systems


Specialized Analysis for Improved Decision Making

Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation (ACE™)

Routine oil analysis is missing key information necessary to manage super-critical oil applications.

For this reason, EPT offers ACE™ testing which provides a complete picture of your fluid condition.  Our testing packages are designed for each application.  The analysis is completed by professional chemists with results interpreted by application specialists and PhD chemists. Our ACE reports will put you in the best possible position to make informed decisions. Our initial testing and interpretation is complimentary and can be continued on fee for service basis.  For troubleshooting and root cause investigation we offer customized packages based on your requirements. We also offer Fleet Assessments to provide in depth analysis for all units so they can be ranked from 1st to last, to assist you allocate maintenance budgets more effectively.

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