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SVR Turbine Lubricant Conditioner

Thank you for purchasing our SVR Turbine Lubricant Conditioner. We are confident that SVR will maintain your lubricant in excellent condition and also maintain very low MPC values. It is important that you follow the instructions for safe and effective operation. Below you will find a video on your SVR system, installation, and operation. We have also included the operating manual which includes spare parts and filter replacement criteria. It is important that filters are replaced annually to avoid deterioration in lubricant quality that occurs once filters are consumed. Normally from the time lubricant analysis flags a result, to the time filters are ordered and replaced is long enough for the lubricant quality to deteriorate. Time based filter changes eliminates this situation and provides consistent high quality lubrication to your equipment. To make sure results are achieved we include complimentary oil analysis called Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation (ACE), which is used to benchmark starting values and document monthly progress as SVR restores lubricant quality. Please complete the ACE, Oil Assessment form and return with your sample. Detailed shipping instructions are included. If we can be of any service please contact support@cleanoil.com


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This equipment manual details equipment operation, valve position for normal operation and draining. Replacement parts, and filter change out criteria are listed. If you have any suggestions on improving this manual or our equipment please contact us at [email protected]

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Game Changing Turbine lubricant maintenance

For those interested in learning more about turbine lubricant maintenance, we have included a recent presentation made to a gas turbine users group. This presentation reviews the root cause of lubricant varnish and demonstrates how using SVR can be used in conjunction with annual lubricant top up to maintain the lubricant in trouble-free condition for up to 20 years.

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Our starting point is Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation or ACE™ . This complimentary analysis and evaluation allows us to demonstrate exactly what SVR would achieve on your lubricant. We offer a full test, cleaning using a lab scale SVR, and a re-test. This report will demonstrate exactly what to expect using SVR.

To see how our program can be used to advance results at your facility, send us an oil sample by filling out the assessment form.