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Welcome to our download page for the POWER‑GEN Asia Conference.

With over 1000 installations and 100 million dollars in cost savings, EPT has a proven track record of optimizing lubricant and fluid maintenance in critical turbine applications.

Our program is straight forward, and we start by providing technical information organized by application. Each application package below includes a White Paper, Product Information, and a complimentary oil Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation (ACE™) Assessment submission form.

Submitting your sample will allow our team of experts to assess your situation and make recommendations regarding strengthening your programs and improve operating results.


EHC Fluid Maintenance Package

Despite the excellent lubricating and safety properties of EHC (phosphate ester) fluids, outdated or incomplete fluid maintenance is a common problem in the power generation industry that is costing 100s of millions of dollars each year in unnecessary failures and lost production.

Common issues that significantly impair asset reliability, and increase EHC fluid maintenance range from limitations in standard testing capability to conventional EHC fluid maintenance products and procedures.

EHC fluid-related failures and their resulting production losses can be virtually eliminated through EPT’s industry-leading, 4-step EHC fluid maintenance program.

Learn more by downloading our EHC Fluid Maintenance Package.

Turbine Lubricant Package

Turbine lubricant varnish production is a problem that will affect most rotating equipment at some point in its normal service lifetime, leading to production losses.

Varnish begins its life as a dissolved degradation product before converting to particulate form and depositing on metal surfaces. Most approaches in the market place do not address this root cause which results in less than ideal outcomes.

EPT offers a comprehensive, 4-step varnish program that not only removes varnish, but its soluble precursors, eliminating the potential for varnish formation.

Learn more by downloading our Turbine Lubricant Package.

Water Removal Package

Water is the most common and damaging contaminant found in hydraulic and lubricating systems. Reducing water levels in lubricating and hydraulic fluid has been proven to extend equipment life and trouble-free operating windows by a minimum of 1.4x to as high as 11x.

Carefully selecting a water removal system that eliminates the underlying source will not only reduce maintenance requirements, but also reduce rates of breakdown, extending fluid life.

EPT’s TMR™ N2 system cost effectively removes water and prevents atmospheric water contamination in any free breathing oil reservoir.

Learn more by downloading our Water Removal Package.