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EPT are specialists in high purity turbine lubricants and EHC fluids.

We are very pleased to attend the Southern Company Generation Technical Conference. This page is reserved for your company and includes our presentation and key technical papers on the subject of Turbine Lubricant Maintenance. This technical information offers users the ability to dial in maintenance programs and achieve a step change in performance, reliability, and cost to operate.  We have achieved a number of important milestones and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to help achieve similar results at your facility.

  • 1,000 installations on the world’s largest turbine fleets.
  • 50 million operating hours experience.
  • Proven cost savings of $100 million.

A Paradigm Shift in Lubricant Maintenance

Thank you for attending our presentation. This presentation discusses that current lubricant maintenance practices used in industry do not line up with the definition of maintenance which is to prevent deterioration.

In most critical lubricant systems, fluid quality and contamination levels vary up and down over the life of the equipment as opposed to being at a consistent high quality level. This inconsistency results in a high level of variability in the operating outcomes experienced at production facilities and represents a significant financial risk to owners. Proper lubricant maintenance tools and programs can reduce or eliminate this variability, reduce risk, and save money.

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SVR™ Turbine Lubricant Conditioner

Moving beyond varnish removal, SVR goes well beyond reactionary filter skids to actually preventing varnish permanently. More importantly, rather than operating with compromised oil quality in the second half of the lube oil life cycle, SVR maintains high lube oil quality on a consistent basis over the life of the oil. No mystery additives, no live R&D at your facility. Just Results.

Learn more about SVR by downloading our SVR™ Product Sheet.

Why Varnish Removal Fails

This technical paper was presented at Oil Doc 2017 in Bavaria Germany. Oil Doc is a key technical conference on Europe that is held every 2 years. In this paper, Dr Matthew Hobbs explains the root cause of varnishing, and how maintenance technologies work or in many cases are only half measures.

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Our starting point is Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation or ACE™ . This complimentary analysis and evaluation allows us to demonstrate exactly what SVR would achieve on your lubricant. We offer a full test, cleaning using a lab scale SVR, and a re-test. This report will demonstrate exactly what to expect using SVR.

To see how our program can be used to advance results at your facility, send us an oil sample by filling out the assessment form.