Nitrogen Blanket Systems for Water Removal

Water is the most common and damaging contaminant found in hydraulic and lubricating systems.

Reducing water levels in lubricating and hydraulic fluid has been proven to extend equipment life and trouble-free operating windows by a minimum of 1.4x to as high as 11x. Carefully selecting a water removal system that eliminates the underlying source will not only reduce maintenance requirements, but also reduce rates of breakdown extending fluid life.

In many applications, the primary mode of water ingression is atmosphere itself. When the moisture content of the atmosphere is higher than the moisture content in the lubricant or hydraulic fluid, the atmosphere provides an unlimited source of water.

Free flowing nitrogen blankets can reverse atmospheric water contamination and also offer the important benefit of eliminating fluid contact with oxygen, which reduces oxidation breakdown.

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Water Removal White Paper

EPT is focused on advancing the science of lubrication filtration technology. We’ve specialized for 20 years in water removal applications where we have developed state-of-the-art free flowing nitrogen blanket systems.

TMR™ N2 total moisture removal systems generate and inject a precise amount of high purity (99%) nitrogen from a normal compressed air source into the headspace above the lubricant level, which is then exhausted out the breather element. The free flowing, dry nitrogen blanket on top of the lubricant has an extremely high capacity to remove water and dissolved oxygen.

With a typical life of 10 years, no moving parts or electrical requirements, TMR™ N2 systems are extremely cost effective and ideally suited to atmospheric breathing reservoirs or systems with low to moderate water ingression rates.

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TMR™ N2 System

Our Total Moisture Removal Nitrogen (TMR™ N2) systems cost-effectively remove all three forms of water (free, emulsified and dissolved) from lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

EPT - Oil Analysis

TMR™ Air System

Our TMR™ Air systems are ideally suited when oil reservoirs are in small rooms where you do not want to change atmospheric gas levels through the addition of nitrogen.

EPT - Oil Analysis


If you have an issue with a critical production asset relating to lubricant contamination and maintenance, EPT can assist you in determining the best course of action.