Expect More from your High Velocity Flushing Provider

EPT is a leader in high velocity oil flushing with the expertise to deliver safe, professional, and 100% on-time/on-budget results.

Our process adheres to ASTM D6439 and relies on our on-site lab for real-time reporting to demonstrate progress. Our on-site lab is run by professional chemists who verify quality and performance throughout the high velocity oil flushing or chemical cleaning process.

Flushing Services Brochure

For an overview of our industry-leading flushing program, please see our Flushing Services Brochure.

EPT’s High Velocity Oil Flushing Program

EPT’s high velocity oil flushing program is based on 20 years of experience and uses customized equipment designed by our flushing team. EPT’s Flushing Division, CleanOil, has serviced over 200 turbines.

We deliver:

  • Experience and professionalism
  • Best-in-class equipment and filtration technology
  • Real time oil analysis by on-site chemists
  • Communication, reporting and safety compliance

A Successful Flush is the First Step in Long-term Oil Maintenance

EPT is the only integrated lubricant maintenance solutions company in the world. We combine next generation filtration technology development with a research-grade laboratory and high velocity flushing services.

To ensure systems stay clean over their lifetime, EPT can provide a comprehensive review of existing filtration practices with suggestions for improvements and cost savings.

Please click on the product spotlights below for details on our application-specific filtering systems and products.

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Product Spotlight

EPT - Oil Analysis

SVR™ System

Our soluble varnish removal (SVR™) system targets and eliminates the cause of varnish formation – oxidation breakdown products – even during turbine operation when they are dissolved in the lubricant.

EPT - Oil Analysis

NSD™ Filters

Our Non-Spark Discharge (NSD™) filters suppress filter sparking by significantly reducing friction. This eliminates the related high-temperature fluid breakdown protecting antioxidants and base oil.

EPT - Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

Our customers receive verification of results through our lab. We offer testing that provides a complete picture of your fluid condition and is a starting point for users to understand the risk of failure.