Trouble Free Fyrquel EHC Fluid Maintenance

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Despite the excellent lubricating and safety properties of Fyrquel EHC phosphate ester fluids, outdated or incomplete Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) fluid maintenance is a common problem in the power generation industry that is costing 100s of millions of dollars each year in unnecessary failures and lost production.

EPT is focused on advancing the science of lubrication filtration technology. We’ve specialized for 20 years in phosphate ester lubricant EHC applications where we have developed a program that prevents these failures and offers best-in-class fluid cleanliness and ROI.

To see how our program can be used to advance results at your facility, send in an oil sample using our complimentary expert oil assessment form.

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Phosphate Ester Fluid Maintenance White Paper

Common issues that significantly impair asset reliability, and increase Fyrquel EHC fluid maintenance range from limitations in standard testing capability to conventional EHC fluid maintenance products and procedures.

Learn more by downloading our phosphate ester fluid white paper.

 EPT’s Comprehensive 4-Step Program

EPT’s 4-step approach is comprehensive in scope, targets common weaknesses, and removes the contamination responsible for servo valve deposit issues. Our program offers turbine owners and operators a clear path forward to protect their equipment failure while reducing Fyrquel EHC fluid maintenance costs.

Step 1: Improve fluid testing with our Expert Oil Assessment
Step 2: Remove acids and dissolved contamination with ICB™ Filters
Step 3: Remove water with TMR™ N2 System
Step 4: Remove particulate contamination with the ECR™ System

Product Spotlight

EPT - Oil Analysis

ICB™ Filters

Our Ion Charge Bonding (ICB™) filters take filtration to the next level by not only removing acids, but by removing the contamination responsible for failure.

EPT - Oil Analysis

TMR™ N2 System

Our Total Moisture Removal Nitrogen (TMR™ N2) systems cost-effectively remove all three forms of water (free, emulsified and dissolved) from lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

EPT - Oil Analysis

ECR™ System

Our Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR™) systems remove up to 90% of particulates below 5 microns improving fluid color and preventing micro dieseling.