Treat your turbine like it was your own

Over the last 20 years, EPT has developed the worlds leading turbine lubricant and fluid cleaning technologies. What sets us apart is our dedication to the customer experience; Our facility is designed to deliver the treatment your turbine deserves. Like it was your own.

We start with a complimentary oil analysis evaluation (ACE). These are done by experts who not only assess the existing quality but delivers precise recommendations on what can be achieved.

Below we have included a technical presentation, product information and the Oil submission form (ACE).

Improving Lubricant Quality to Mitigate the Risk of Production Losses

In most critical lubricant systems, fluid quality and contamination levels vary up and down over the life of the equipment as opposed to being at a consistent high quality level. This inconsistency results in a high level of variability in the operating outcomes experienced at production facilities and represents a significant financial risk to owners. Proper lubricant maintenance tools and programs can reduce or eliminate this variability, reduce risk, and save money.

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SVR™ Turbine Lubricant Conditioner

SVR™ offers takes lubricant maintenance to the next level by removing the oxidation material that accumulates over time causing demulsibility to fail. SVR™ can be used as a stand-alone unit, or before existing water removal systems to improve their performance. In both cases, SVR™ is designed to used permanently. Testing to date has demonstrated that in >90% of cases, SVR™ will significantly improve or restore demulsibility values. A complimentary assessment is offered below that will confirm if SVR™ is a solution for your application.

Learn more about SVR™ by downloading our SVR™ Product Sheet.


Our starting point is Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation or ACE™ . This complimentary analysis and evaluation allows us to demonstrate exactly what SVR would achieve on your lubricant. We offer a full test, cleaning using a lab scale SVR, and a re-test. This report will demonstrate exactly what to expect using SVR.

To see how our program can be used to advance results at your facility, send us an oil sample by filling out the assessment form.