At EPT we believe turbine lube oil quality should be maintained in ideal quality like other mechanical systems that are important to you.  Without a turbine lube oil conditioner, lube oil quality will deteriorate from day 1, slowly decreasing performance over time.

Our SVR™ lube oil conditioning system offers a step change in maintenance by removing the molecules that are the cause of lubricant failure and performance issues.

Our program is outlined below in the short product video and user testimonial.   We are also pleased to include a video of the technical presentation “A Paradigm Shift in Lubricant Maintenance” from January 2019, which received a 5 Star rating by the attendees at Oil Doc.   If we can be of any service we would be pleased to assist.

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Game Changing Lubricant Management


Watch our SVR™ video for overview of key features and User testimonial



Presentation from Oil Doc, January 2019, Turbine Lubricant Section.

SVR™ Turbine Lubricant Conditioner

SVR™ takes lubricant maintenance to the next level by removing the oxidation material responsible for lubricant failure. Other products fail to address this root cause of failure, and while they may offer benefits, they cannot offer a solution that prevents lubricant failure. High MPC and varnish is the result of accumulated oxidation. While other products have to wait for varnish formation to occur before offering any benefit, SVR™ works from day 1 removing oxidation material, preventing accumulation, and maintaining oil quality. To learn more about how SVR™ can work for you, please take our ACE assessment below.

Learn more about SVR™ by downloading our SVR™ Product Sheet.


Our starting point is Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation or ACE™ . This complimentary analysis and evaluation allows us to demonstrate exactly what SVR™ would achieve on your lubricant. We offer a full test, cleaning using a lab scale SVR™, and a re-test. This report will demonstrate exactly what to expect using SVR™. 1 quart/1 liter sample required.  If you need sample bottles for this testing please contact us and we will expedite.

As a starting point to demonstrate to assess our program, please send us a sample with the completed submission form.