SVR™ System

Lubricant varnish forms when a lubricant’s capacity to hold dissolved oil breakdown products is exceeded.

EPT’s Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR™) system removes and prevents accumulation of these dissolved oil breakdown products during normal turbine operation so that lubricant varnish cannot form – period.

The SVR™ system targets and eliminates the primary cause of varnish formation; whereas, all other systems (electrostatic, agglomeration, and depth filtration) must wait for varnish to form before they are of any value.

Key Benefits of SVR™ Systems

  • ICB™ filter purification technology for soluble varnish contaminant removal:
    • Over 40 million successful operating hours
    • ICB™ filters will not affect turbine oil additives
    • 4-6x more capacity than competing varnish removal systems
    • Unlike competing systems, SVR™ purifies 100% of reservoir volume each day
  • Quickly reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • SVR™ system quickly reduces varnish potential in large gas turbines as measured by the MPC or QSA® (Quantitative Spectrophotometric Analysis – Analysts, Inc.) tests
  • Unlike particulate removal technologies, SVR™ works all the time including operating conditions when varnish is dissolved in the oil
  • Eliminates the varnish formation cycle that typically occurs when the oil cools during turbine shut down
  • Removes all forms of varnish (solid and dissolved)
  • Low cost of ownership over 10 years with defined consumable costs
  • ICB™ filter cartridges are changed annually when installed on common sized reservoirs and used in maintenance mode
  • Small footprint and straight-forward operation
  • Low maintenance: Turn it on and let it run, that’s it!
  • Guaranteed to work with comprehensive analysis included at no charge until results are documented