Operating steam turbines
can experience sparking.

Temperature of a spark is 5000°C –
the same as the surface of the sun.

Existing filters contribute
static energy to the oil.

Modern turbine lubricants (groups II-IV)
have extremely low conductivity,
allowing static to accumulate.

NSD™ is a low friction filter that
protects against static discharge.

NSD™ Filters

Filter sparking is a common problem within the gas turbine application in any high velocity oil line. The electrical discharge, or sparking, is caused by a similar process as walking across a carpet and touching a metal surface. The high flow rate of fluid through the majority of the mechanical filters on the market causes friction, which, in turn, generates static energy.

When static energy is generated in a low conductivity environment, the oil resists dissipating the energy which creates the opportunity for static accumulation. When this occurs, the energy will eventually discharge in the form of a spark which produces temperatures of up to 5000°C (>9000°F) destroying the oil molecules contacting the spark. The first known recording to document sparking in a turbine lubricant system was made by Plant Service Japan in 1996 and is available below.

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Non-Spark Discharge (NSD™) filters provide the same filtration efficiency as standard filters, but suppress filter sparking by using very high quality materials designed to produce minimal friction between the filter and the oil. Other types of no-spark filter elements reduce sparking by increasing the micron rating of the filter or adding conductivity modifying chemicals to the filter material. You can be assured that our NSD™ filters will provide an exact micron rating, without the use of harmful chemical additives.

Key Benefits of NSD™ Filters

  • Element and media technology optimized to prevent spark discharge and minimize potential energy in bearing lubrication and hydraulic control systems
  • Prevents oil degradation caused by thermal events associated with element spark discharge
  • Prevents antioxidant additive depletion and extends useful fluid life
  • Available as a drop in replacement for any existing filter size. Provide the part number of the filter you would like to upgraded