Dissolved contamination is
common in EHC fluids.

This contamination accumulates and
causes servo valve malfunction.

Unlike conventional filters, ICB™
technology removes this contamination.

And also provides best-in-class acid
removal and resistivity improvement.

ICB™ Filters for EHC

Existing acid filters do not remove the contamination responsible for servo valve sticking. This contamination accumulates over time and is deposited on valve surfaces because of the localized pressure changes.

EPT’s Ion Charge Bonding (ICB™) filters take filtration to the next level by not only removing acids, but by removing the contamination responsible for failure. ICB™ filters offer unmatched performance that will resolve servo valve problems and, when used as part of our phosphate ester fluid maintenance and testing program, will significantly reduce the risk of production losses.

ICB™ filter products are supported by a team of world-class experts, who are specialists in the maintenance of phosphate ester fluids. With 1000s of global installations to date, many operating for over 20 years, ICB™ filters have achieved over 100 million hours of operating performance history on some of the largest power stations and super-critical applications worldwide.

Key Benefits of ICB™ Filters

  • Remove the dissolved breakdown products that are responsible for servo valve failures
  • Dramatically increase fluid resistivity values which eliminates a common servo valve failure mode referred to as electro-kinetic-wear or valve erosion
  • Unlike conventional products, ICB™ filters do not contribute fine particulate, or add dissolved metals that contribute to increased rates of fluid breakdown
  • ICB™ filters are available in standard size cartridges or as part of a complete EHC fluid treatment system (see SVR™)
  • Complete stainless steel construction featuring robotic, spiral welding which provides maximum filter integrity adding a new fail-safe in the EHC fluid conditioning system

EPT has tailored the capabilities of ICB™ filters according to the in-service quality of the phosphate ester lubricants (sold under the brand names: Fyrquel®, Fyrquel® EHC, Fyrquel® EHC Plus, Fyrquel® GT, Reolube® TurboFluid 46XC, Reolube® TurboFluid B, Castrol Anvol® 46 XC, Shell Turbo® Fluid DR 46, Mobil Pyrotec® HFD 46, and many others) as follows:

  • ICB A for phosphate ester maintenance with Acid Numbers
  • ICB C for phosphate ester restoration with Acid Numbers >0.5 mg KOH/g (contact EPT for additional technical support)


Fyrquel is a registered trademark of ICL, Reolube is a registered trademark of Chemtura, Anvol is a registered trademark of Castrol. Shell Turbo is a trademark of Shell Oil Company. Mobil Pyrotec is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation.