EHC fluids darken over time
from carbon accumulation.

Carbon comes from air bubbles
going through high-pressure pumps.

Carbon cannot be removed with conventional
filters because it’s submicron in size.

The ECR™ system removes submicron particulates
and restores fluid color.

ECR™ System

EHC fluids generally darken over time as they accumulate fine particles that are less than 1 micron in size. This contamination is not measured with ISO particle code analyses, nor is it removed via mechanical particulate filters.

Fine particulate contamination accounts for up to 90% of system contamination suggesting that as little as 10% of the EHC particulate contamination is being removed with existing filtration. This type of contamination is harmful in EHC applications as it causes increased air entrainment, accelerating fluid breakdown and leads to a more serious form of breakdown called micro dieseling.

EPT’s Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR™) fluid conditioning systems are an essential tool for EHC fluid maintenance. When used as directed and as part of proper fluid maintenance program, ECR™ systems remove up to 90% of particulate contamination below 5 microns, decrease air entrainment, improve fluid color and increase resistivity.

Key Benefits of ECR™ Systems

  • Removes the sub-micron particles responsible for fluid darkening
  • Reduces total dirt load typically by 75% (by mass) or more
  • Protects servo valves from mechanical wear