EPT has performed extensive turbine and
EHC oil testing, 1000s of tests completed.


Comprehensive, best-in-class testing and
analysis for EHC systems and turbines.


Highly trained chemists, SOPs,
world-class analysis for customer support.


real people, real results, real interpretation,
reports delivered to your inbox.

Oil Analysis & Consulting

Oil Analysis

Standard lab analysis is missing key information necessary to manage super-critical oil applications.

EPT offers world-class laboratory testing that provides a complete picture of your fluid condition. Our lab is set up as a starting point for users to understand the current state of their fluids and the risk of failure. The other key role of our lab is to support existing customers to document results and demonstrate success.

Our lab is set up for specialized testing on turbine fluid, EHC and other critical fluids. All of our testing adheres to ASTM methods. We offer a comprehensive list of analyses that are completed and interpreted by professional chemists and application specialists.

We are pleased to offer an initial assessment at no charge. Routine and specialized test packages are available on a paid or prepaid basis.

Please complete the sample submission form on the right. This editable document includes information on required sample volume and detailed shipping instructions.


If you have an issue with a critical production asset relating to filtration or lubricant contamination, EPT can assist you in determining the best course of action.

  • Unresolved Problems
  • Failure Prevention
  • Root Cause Failure Investigation
  • Contaminant Identification